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Status: In development


Firefox managed to bring HDR to Macs in 100.0 version. Now it's time for Windows!

It'd be awesome to watch and work on HDR images and videos using Firefox in 2022. Windows is the most popular OS, why not bring HDR here too?
More monitors and devices running on Windows support HDR, so there is an increase in demand of HDR support in Firefox.

The only option for Windows users is either to switch to another browser or to download and use a dedicated app from Microsoft Store.

Making moves
@MaxGwrote: Nobody is even assigned to the issue, the only updates is the people going CC to see the progress.

 Think I'm just gonna bite the bullet and uninstall Firefox and stop my subscription to Mozilla's VPN and Firefox Relay.

New member

HDR is having a massive uplift with some of the currrent and CERTAINLY with a lot of the upcoming (CES) monitors. In the last years HDR wasn't the biggest thing yet but HDR support is an ABSOLUTE MUST at this point.

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Come on Mozilla - we need HDR in FF - you're losing users as it is!

Every user who buys HDR (me included) are not seeing video at it's best. Why not?

It's only a matter of time before we get fed up and just use an alternative.

Some acknowledgment from you would be appreciated.

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Mozilla please give us Windows users HDR. We've been waiting so long and its really frustrating to see more and more displays coming out with great HDR capabilities when in the meanwhile my favorite browser doesn't support HDR content.

Additionally, Nvidia just announced that RTX GPUs will be able to convert SDR video material to HDR automatically in chromium browsers. Come on Mozilla, I don't want to use another browser to watch videos! Firefox

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Please please PLEASE you guys. HDR is a big deal and is only gaining more and more marketshare! I find myself reaching elsewhere just for HDR stuff, and I wish I didn't have to!

New member

2024 now. Pathetic

New member

Yeesh. Even MS Edge supports HDR content.

Strollin' around

That's because Edge is just a Chromium skin with Microsoft's AI, sync, and telemetry piled on top.

There is Safari with Apple's Webkit engine, only for MacOS and iOS.

Firefox's Quantum. Excluding Firefox on iOS which is just a Webkit skin. There's some minor forks like Librewolf, Waterfox, etc.

Google's Chromium which is every single other browser including Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, etc, etc.

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So, I just discovered that in the latest Nvidia drivers, all RTX cards can do Super Video Resolution and High Dynamic Range. The question becomes can Firefox use these? Both the Edge and Chrome browsers can, all I had to do was turn them on in the Nvidia Control Panel under Adjust Video Image Settings. Is there a setting in Firefox settings that I need to turn on?

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There is still no HDR support, so bye bye Firefox.

New member

And now we are in 2024 and still no Windows HDR support?

@Jon- Can we get any kind of official update if this Idea has been selected for development? HDR monitors are the norm now and it's really odd that Mozilla has this implemented for Mac OS but not Windows. Please provide an update when possible. Thanks 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @oPTiK and others for following up here - let me check with the team to see if there is an update.

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OMG, there is really no HDR support in Firefox for Windows!

That's the straw that broke the camel's back!

New member

Hi @Jon  it's been six months since you last went to check with the team for an update, without giving us one. Anything new?

Strollin' around

I hope @Jon can get us an update from the team soon, but as it has became stale I don't have much hope about it 😕

Greetings to ingrrownmink4 who is waiting for the feature with us 😉