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Status: New idea

Have the possibility to just visualize world (and eventually excel and power point) like it already happen for PDF files, meaning without the need to download them, even a "simplified" version of the file would be very useful, for me at least, in a lot of circumstances

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Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

Familiar face

I guess, that would be hard to implement - PDFs are opened in browser because

  • Firefox has own pdf.js viewer
  • Users don't usually install PDF software (notice how local PDF files can just be opened in a browser now?)
  • PDF isn't nearly as complex as office files - even different Office programs treat some things about them differently. Implementing all the complications in the browser would be an overkill.

And even more - opened PDFs are downloaded to be opened anyway - they are just stored in a temp folder which is auto-cleaned by an OS. As a workaround I can suggest to use an "open with" option in the download prompt - it downloads the file in a temp folder instead of Downloads and opens it in a proper program. Works with every file that is supported in your system, and this file is gone automatically after some time.

However, you've probably noticed that there are no download prompts anymore: you can vote for this idea (Choose how Firefox handles the files you download from the web.) and put a comment about downloading one-time files, so we can have this option again.

Not applicable

Yeah, ... how about we do not intoroduce additonal security vulerabilities and bugs by adding layers of complexity like rendering engines for different file formats into a software that is already complex enough with dynamic webpages, webgl, CSS2+3 and whatnot.

Let's just other software handle these filetypes. Simple, easy and safe.