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Making moves
Status: In development

I would like to generate a secure password from the about:logins page.

On some websites, the browser does not recognize the password field and therefore does not suggest a strong password. I also want to generate passwords for desktop apps, other devices etc.

Currently I have to navigate to a random website, pretend to create a new account, then copy the generated password.

Instead I would like to open the passwords manager and generate a new password from there.

There is already a button to create a new login in the passwords manager. I think that would be a perfect place to add this functionality.


Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that we have a few bugs to implement things mentioned here:

Making moves

Hmm. I looked at the link and it says last updated 4 months ago and it has a Priority of P3. So what effect did this idea process have? It seems like the idea was just acknowledged as something the devs already knew about and that's it. Is that pretty much what we should expect?


Nope, we have intent to make this happen. But I can not give any promises or ETA yet, we are looking for the ways we can squeeze extra work in without disrupting everything else.

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Hi all! we are close to 100 likes, we now have 95 likes, that is, 5 likes are missing for 100 likes ;D So... this feature is very important folks

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how about that: if you right click any text field, there could be an option to "generate and save new random password"

i was trying to show to a less tech-savy family member the "generate strong password" function of firefox. first we tried changing the e.g. paypal password but in the "new password"-field it only shows saved passwords and we had to delete the old entries to make it generate a new one.

then we tried in some random web shop where they didn't already have an account but firefox didn't come up with the generated password suggestion, I believe FF didn't recognize it as a password field.

Also, old passwords should not be overwritten without clear confirmation. The current "update password" button is not clear enough. It happened to me that I tried to change a password and FF already updated it in the password manager but the website cancelled it for some reason (eg asks for 2FA afterwards but I have let it time out). In that case the old password is lost and I had to do the "forget password" procedure.

Sorry for my mediocore English, if you have questions let me know.

Thank you FIrefox-Team for everything and have a great day! 

Making moves

Suggest new password on about:logins

I was creating new logins from about:logins, but it's not possible to have a suggestion of a new password from there yet. Can you create it?

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Community Manager

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