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For some use-cases (not maximized browser windows, usage of small screens and/or tiling window managers,..) it would be nice to have a function which resizes videos from YouTube and other streaming platforms to the full height of a tab (respectively window) as a media player like VLC would do when it is playing videos.
An alternative could be to move the existing picture-in-picture mode into a separate (borderless?) window which users could resize as they please while providing the possibility for different operating system UIs to treat the picture-in-picture mode as a normal application window (currently not the case with Firefox v102.0.1).

A video which uses the full height or is displayed in a separate window could have multiple advantages for users with the use-cases listed above:

  • Users would'nt have to resize the browser window manually for matching the size of the video element on a web page with the window size to avoid parts of the video being cut away at the top or bottom.
  • Users which use window tiling could have videos fully displayed without having to change their window layout, detaching the Firefox window from a layout grid or the need to zoom out of the web page.
  • Users could (accidently - happend to me a couple of times 😁) close the Firefox main window without stopping the video which is displayed in picture-in-picture mode by clicking the "X" button at a corner of the main window.
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