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When CTRL clicking a URL on a webpage, the page is opened in a new tab without focusing on the tab.CTRL +SHIFT + Clicking opens the page in a new tab with focus.

When CTRL clicking a bookmark, the page is opened in a new tab with focus on the tab. CTRL +SHIFT + Clicking opens the bookmark in a new tab without focus.

This behaviour is inconsistent and confusing. Additionally it is also not in line with standard behaviour in other browsers.

Please fix this to be consistent and in line with standard browser behaviour.

Status changed to: New idea
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There are about:config options to change the default behaviour how bookmarks are opened, but i think you can not change the behaviour of how the meta keys influence the action.

Might be nice to be able to do that. And i agree that the default should be the same as how links on webpages behave.

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@AnonymousThanks for the reply. I've searched the about:config items but couldn't find it either.


In about:config, entering inback in the search bar will show various preferences relevant to whether Firefox switches to the new tab or not. Historically, they have been inconsistent, but rather than changing what people are used to, perhaps it would be best to add some more checkboxes on the Settings page?