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Making moves
Status: New idea


first of all I like it.(desktop)

Maybe it could become a little bit more interactive.

For example it would be nice when clicking Firefox View again that it would close automatically. Or it would switch to the last tab in use.

Thank You

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Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

It REALLY needs the ability to move tabs from one window to another. It has a nice view to view open tabs now, organized and all, but we need the ability to manage them.

That's what would make it interactive. I'm shocked, and have been for years now, that right clicking a tab to move it to another window only gives you the ability to move that tab to start, end, or new window. What about all the other windows I have open? Edge allows that. There's no point for the current move tab in Firefox. I just drag it to move it.

View History should have a clear button there, similar to the one in Settings.

Recently closed tabs should have a button to open them all.

And, Recently closed windows should be in View.

I agree about clicking View to close it. That's one of the first things I tried.

I do like it as well.

Making moves

I believe that we need an option, as View Again, to not only close each or switch any to another window, but the option to refresh in a time-set manner. Would it not also be nice to select windows and tabs to not refresh without users selecting to? This View Again also ties to opening new windows (and private windows), homepage, history, bookmarks, and accessibility settings. Do you agree?Just keep working on interfaces and commands with C\C++, Perl, Swift, and their siblings, no Java6<.