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I think if the Process of Update Firefox could be place when Firefox close instead of when its starts, it would better, the user could use Firefox on the fly and it would seems to start faster. 

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This is legit the number one thing wrong with Firefox right now. Chrome updates when the user closes the browser and this gives them a huge competitive advantage. When a user clicks to open a web browser, they have a specific thing in mind to do. They could be getting ready to look up the answer to a question. When the browser takes its sweet time opening, this is disrespectful to that user, and they lose focus. They are no longer thinking about the question they need the answer to. Now they are thinking about how they need to go find a way to give Mozilla feedback about how the updates should be at the end. They may even spend 30 minutes doing this, and then registering an account since Mozilla's support portal won't allow unregistered users to add kudos to an existing idea ticket. At the end of it all, they may not even remember what they were opening the web browser to do.

🙄 Come on Mozilla. I used to use Firefox all the time. I even have an old worn-out Firefox shirt from when it was the coolest browser on the block. But right now I have no choice but to use Chrome. Your email login thingy didn't even work in Firefox, only in Chrome. Stop being adversarial to your potential userbase and put yourself in their shoes.

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Update but after closing Firefox

Every time I start Firefox it asks for update, it is getting really annoying when I need to start it immediately, I dont have time to wait for update every time. Reconsider option "automatically update after closing firefox".

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Community Manager

Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread.

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This is so annoying, almost everytime I'm starting Firefox a pop update msg appears and i have to wait...

Please fix this! will be an awesome if there is an option to this pop-up dialog so we can choose to update after closing Firefox or maybe "skip for now"

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The frequency of updates to Firefox is astounding . . . but my real problem is that when you open it and an update is ready, it gives you a dialog box and doesn't proceed until you choose to update then or not. That's all well & good if you're there in person, but if you had a website opened with a scheduled task using Firefox, and a recording app set to record for you while you're asleep, you may wake up and find just the dialog box and no connection to the desired website. You could fix this by having the presence of a new update presented when you are CLOSING Firefox, not when you are opening it.

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This is the biggest annoyance for years that Firefox user have had to deal with. un-surprisingly it has never been worked on. This should have been a no brainer to fix.

From working on applications myself I have found that management only implements what they think are important because it is their idea without any supporting data ( at least what I experienced many times ). So, therefore the manager can claim credit for the idea. 

Case in point is SSMS where the community manager claimed that implementing dark mode would be complicated, or whatever he said yet it remained the top request for users for a few years, always trying to push users to azure data studio which was a POS with a huge lack of features. About a year or two ago a single developer created a dark mode in SSMS called SQL Shades and released it for FREE. That says it was not as hard and difficult as the SSMS community manager stated as he remained pigheaded

User are then pointed to these types of forums where the "idea" can be upvoted providing the user:

1. knows about such forum

2. can find the relevant idea buried in the forum. 

I admit these things are nice to have and shows what the users want, but does not mean Mozilla will actually do anything about it as i had mentioned earlier.