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Strollin' around
Status: Delivered

Mozilla, why don't you provide us with relevant information when prompting for an update?
I long for times back when the link was displayed

Strollin' around

1- Link is ok, but current version and new version info is still missing on update prompt. Could you add?
2- 'What's new' link in 'About Firefox' window shows info for current version, it should also show info for new version as in update prompt. Could you correct it?

Strollin' around

I realized that Mac 117 has the link on update prompt, but Windows 117 doesn't have.

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I'm due time to will have available updates and cool links you can check out

Strollin' around

Found this Idea just now. It is not allowed to upvote it, so I upvoting it with explicit message.

Making moves

Fix FF update notifications to include version and link to release notes

Two issues:

  1. The About Firefox dialog box shows the current installed version and a link to release notes for the current version. It also shows an available version to upgrade, but no link to release notes for the new version.  This has been asked for for years, and FF said it was released in 116, but it wasn't.
  2. The Update available reminder popup has a link to the latest version available to be installed, but it doesn't provide any version information, not what's currently installed and not what version is available to install.
Strollin' around

"Whats New" should link to NEW update info, BEFORE installation. Or remove useless link.

The About page: I'm tired of the way it works. I have seen so many mentions for this, and still it persists.

The "Whats New" should link to NEW update info, BEFORE installation.
It isn't new if it's already installed. Change the link to point to Info about "NEWEST" version (release notes) thats about to be installed, not the current version we already have.

That's just an annoyance verging on trickery.

Or remove useless link, as we can search out that stuff by our own selves.