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Status: In development

I'd like to be able to keep the thunderbird settings, layouts, etc in sync across multiple systems (and ideally, mobile).

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It would also be nice to have an email account sync. Like individual server settings and so on, but not passwords.

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Muy buena idea, apoyo esa idea.

Very good idea, I support that idea.

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does this include mobile so yes what are the advantages?

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I mean, For tablet. (Like iPad) I’d like to use mobile frame in tablet (iPad) sometimes.

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That would be great for me as I have several computers that I all want to use the same emails on, so it would be nice if it synched my logins over. That would mean I don't have to fully set up Thunderbird every time I install it and I wouldn't need to reenter my email footer over and over again!

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Another way to do this would be to use a normal cloud storage provider via rclone to sync the data in after it has been properly encrypted. The thunderbird profile would be encrypted with AES-256(Kalyna-512(Threefish-1204)) for truly unbreakable encryption which would be protected with a random password in the format of |(random word at least 6 letters in length)(random number 3 digits in length)(3 non repeating special characters)(3 non repeating emoji)(-) repeating 64 times. This recovery phrase would then be used to compute a SHA3 Shake256 hash 2048 bits in length, the first 1792 bits would be used as the encryption key in the order of AES-256(Kalyna-512(Threefish(1024)) and the last 256 bits would be used to calculate a SHA3-228 hash which would be stored inside the encrypted .thunderbird profile to as a verification check. To generate a secure recovery phrase the Fortuna (PRNG) algorithm would be used with the threefish-1024 block cipher running in counter mode. The seed would be generated by asking the user to mash their keyboard into a textbox until at least 24,000 characters have been mashed, but the upper limit would be 50,000 characters. While the user is mashing the keyboard to generate the seed, the text box would randomly  push shift for 1 second every 1-10 seconds and for every 1500 characters insert a SHA 512 hash of the last 256-2048 characters plus a 384 bit scrypt salt of a random file in the desktop, documents or download folder to protect attacks based on picking up keystrokes. Each file would be compressed with brotli compression and then compressed into one 7-zip archive for easy synchronization.

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i love this feature request.

Is it planned that Thunderbird email accounts will also be saved?
I think this idea would be great.

If there are security concerns, you could, for example, take over all account information, but optionally without passwords.

PC -> Laptop
Laptop -> PC
Laptop -> Smartphone
PC -> Smartphone

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Would love settings, rules, filtering sync'ing between devices, wanted for years.

Thank you Devs for all your hard work!

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@Jz68000this is not really do-able by the average user, but the idea is good.

Could I encourage you to contact the team and assist implementation of the Sync project?

Status changed to: In development
Thunderbird Team
Thunderbird Team

Update - to state the obvious this feature has been delayed and didn't make it for 115.  But there is a lot of great work being done to get it solid for production.  The party for Thunderbird sync is expected to happen later this year.