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Status: In review

Firefox isn't with useful tool, which is tabs suspender, it saves of much hardware consume and doesn't allow your PC stay slowness and/or your own internet, because tabs can consume internet and recourses in background without you use it, so that's important and should be in all popular browsers including Firefox. I recommend they base on auto tab discard and possibly performance tool (by Microsoft Edge), because auto tab discard extension is really complete and very useful, mainly it saves where you stop on certain time video and performance tool saves much your recourses on your computer and is very efficient:

Screenshot 2022-05-13 222228.pngScreenshot 2022-05-13 222122.png


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Truly a needed feature!

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I use firefox since the beginning but I have a concern about memory management since a long time and nothing change about that .

Firefox use a lot of memory , we all know that but its not my main concern

I open a lot of pages ( around 20 permanently ) and every time my computer and firefox slow down after a while . When I check memory usage with system explorer freeware it always show that after a while , some pages use more and more memory ( several gigabytes sometimes  per page ) and I have to close the page to resolve the issue )

I tried the same pages with OPERA ( the crypto version , I don't know if it's the same than the regular opera regarding memory management ) and opera does something very simple ( clever ) that I think it might be interesting to add in firefox  : when the page starts to use more and more memory , the page crashes and it didn't affect the other pages or Windows. You just have to refresh the page when you use it. It's very more convenient , avoid the computer to slow down.



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Add setting to automatically freeze unused tabs after some time (RAM)

Using Firefox, even in 32-bits on 8 GB of RAM, when i'm running game and some other app, is unusable at this moment, when i try to browse the Internet using your browser, my ram is being overloaded, because Mozilla eats about 2 GB of RAM for about 1 hours of unusing this browser. Of course i can clean up and freeze tabs using about:// flag, but i want to see setting which i can set automatically freeze all tabs, not only selected by Firefox, all tabs, so after using this setting, from 2 GB of RAM, Firefox would eat only 250-300 MB in idle process at once after for example 1 minute or 10 seconds.

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@Joncan you, please, clarify me what's the difference between this idea and the Tab Unloading feature already deployed in FF93 ( ) ?

Because i'm not getting it...

Thank you

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@Maverick74 If there really is a review going on, developers should have mentioned it. In my environment, it was not working because browser.tabs.unloadOnLowMemory was set to false by default.

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I would also like to see this feature. On my PC I also have quite a lot of memory usage with barely any tabs open, nor many addons.

I would like to add that an option to manually put a tab to sleep / suspend would be very nice to have.

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good job Firefox!

though there are extensions to achieve similar results, but I was too scared to install them


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It's now 12/21/22

Hopefully this is something that is considered? Because FF does tend to be CPU/RAM heavy, it should have already had this feature like YESTERDAY!!!

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This would solve a lot of the memory issues I'm experiencing lately. Open Tabs seem to often spring memory leaks resulting in Firefox using >4Gb for 10-20 open tabs after a day.

Effectively Firefox often uses 2x what a full fledged IDE doing indexing consumes.

While I can keep chasing ever more gigglebytes (pun intended) of Ram on my machine I have other tasks it's doubtless that the problem will change because Front end designers will keep pushing the envelope with resource heavy frameworks.

I agree with @EduardoBernal  the solution may lie in suspending open tabs

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I want to add an idea: when on battery the auto tab discard should be more aggressive / on. but when connected to power, auto tab discard can be less aggressive or off.