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Making moves
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From what I've heard Firefox for desktop has a password generator, which is great, but firefox for mobile does not, even though the Lockwise app had it. I think password generation is very important, since not having to remember difficult passwords is the main perk of a password manager. googling for password generation on mobile is less convinient than on a desktop, so I wouldn't be surprised if people just don't do that. Adding password generation to mobile firefox would really improve my user experience 🙂

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Making moves

Android Only:

i don't know exactly but could you change the android keyboard provider after installing

it's a nice tool it is also available under modern Windows and Mac OS and iOS


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Making moves

+1 to this! I've often had to use Safari on iOS to create an account, it would be far better to do it all in Firefox. The syncing with a Firefox account works really well, so it feels like this is the missing link.

Making moves

There are some online password generator , you can just bookmark them and use it when you need.

NortonLifeLock (antivirus providers):

1Password (password manager providers)

F-Secure (antivirus providers)

Bitwarden (open source password manager providers)

NordPass (password managers and vpn providers)

Making moves

I am aware of other generators, but it does feel a bit off when you have to go to another password manager to properly use your own password manager

New member

Absolutely. We need that. I'm tired of using some shady pass generator sites. I really, really need that.

Strollin' around

I agree. For continuity and feature parity purposes, Firefox on mobile (across all OSs) should be able to generate strong passwords.

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   I am verily agreed on this idea. Came here because I was searching for a way to access Firefox password generation on mobile. Seems like a common-sense move for sure. 

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Bumping because it's crazy how such a simple feature wasn't added to mobile when it was added to desktop. Just today I was making an account on my phone, and now with google password integration at the device level there was a button to generate a random password and save it with their password manager.

Luckily I am still a good Chrome-fearing mortal so they didn't win me over that easily, but seriously I bet a competent teenager could code something like this in a day or 2...