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Status: In development

From what I've heard Firefox for desktop has a password generator, which is great, but firefox for mobile does not, even though the Lockwise app had it. I think password generation is very important, since not having to remember difficult passwords is the main perk of a password manager. googling for password generation on mobile is less convinient than on a desktop, so I wouldn't be surprised if people just don't do that. Adding password generation to mobile firefox would really improve my user experience 🙂

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I agree. For continuity and feature parity purposes, Firefox on mobile (across all OSs) should be able to generate strong passwords.

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   I am verily agreed on this idea. Came here because I was searching for a way to access Firefox password generation on mobile. Seems like a common-sense move for sure. 

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Bumping because it's crazy how such a simple feature wasn't added to mobile when it was added to desktop. Just today I was making an account on my phone, and now with google password integration at the device level there was a button to generate a random password and save it with their password manager.

Luckily I am still a good Chrome-fearing mortal so they didn't win me over that easily, but seriously I bet a competent teenager could code something like this in a day or 2...

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Please Add ASAP!

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Same as others, found this page trying to look up password generation on Firefox mobile. 🙂

Swapped from Chrome a few months back and it has password gen for mobile.  It would be nice to fully drop other mobile browsers and just use Firefox, but password generation is a major QOL feature.  I'm honestly a bit surprised it doesn't already have it on mobile, since the Firefox browser does this already. 

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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It is a surprise that this feature is still desktop only given how important password generation is and how many people use mobile browsers to create accounts. Hoping this feature may see some light soon. 

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+1, it is sorely needed. 

Currently I need access to a desktop browser to do this, which is often not possible. There are workarounds but none are good. 

it needs to just be there in the mobile browser, working the same way as desktop for generating new passwords.

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Saw in the latest update to Desktop that it now includes special characters in the password generator and reminded me of how much the generation feature is missing from Firefox on mobile platforms.

With the ever increasing amount of passwords I feel like I'm having to keep track of and accounts we have to make for every service this would be an extremely welcome addition

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Perhaps while we're waiting for this @wongfow, you could use Bitwarden. It's a free, open source password manager that works with Firefox on desktop and mobile. Best thing is that it works on macOS, Windows and Linux, making it easy to recommend outside of Apple's iCloud Keychain.

If you use Android, Bitwarden is a supported add-on for Firefox too.