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Status: New idea

You can add any site to your homescreen and it becomes very handy when you want to access it anytime.But A site which have multiple backlinks and if you want to access the page which you visited last time you will be able to access only the homepage.

It can be a really handy and useful feature if we will be able to access the page where we left last time.


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Also, in this context it should be mentioned that only 4 shortcuts are allowed on home screen, there's place enough for more. Not sure if this feature should be made separately.

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homescreen = android mobile home screen, like mobile desktop

4? there is countless home screens on android and many many folders on each screen ... I think hip meant the internal to firefox homepage which is something else.

I used to be able to simply save any shortcut to homescreen and then move it wherever. on android homescreen icons can be then organized and customized with infinite folders, screens, launchers, and so on instead of relying on some internal shortcut menu in browser I'd have to open first. They hid option of making shortcuts to url-breaking progressive web app "PWA" nonsense that breaks exact URL you wanted to save on your homescreen (i.e. mobile desktop), hides browser scroll bar & all usual options, and the only way to trick it into simply making a url shortcut for browser to open later is to go into airplane mode first...

It's been driving everyone I know crazy that we can no longer save urls as instantly openable icons on homescreens.

I've had friends try to save content they needed later only to find out the PWA it installed or mimics being has nothing to do with the full url path content they needed.

e.g. Try to save a shortcut to a discussion on github to your homescreen on mobile firefox right now, it will only show you option to install, which means no desktop site version so gl scrolling sideways, and no discussion you wanted will open bc it will take you to main landing page only for unknown reason, it will completely ignore the url you were at and take away browser controls to force pwa on you. good luck finding the discussion again, it wasn't saved in any way. And enjoy it being full screen where you will wish you could do something like go back to previous page with browser back button or undo it with forward button or history you no longer have.

the biggest problem is PWA app (or whatever is the full screen zero controls browser version of it) being saved is the default instead of an arbitrary side option, replacing regular save to homescreen option it "sometimes" is while being nothing like it.