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Status: New idea

Firefox seems to create bookmarks by default on the 'new tab' page.  While this is handy for returning to previously used sites, there are sites for which you might NEVER want the browser to create a bookmark.  In my case, Id like to be able to select and prohibit the creation of such bookmarks for any site associated with the financial firms I do business with -- banks, brokers, and crypto prominently among this list.  I think of this as a security measure [I also don't allow these sites to 'trust' my computer and routinely use two factor authentication].  Seems to me that it would also be useful if Firefox did not create any bookmark to a payment site but this would require detecting that the page accessed is a payment site ....

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Thanks for the feedback @GrampaFixit

It has been noted! If there are any other improvements you would like to see, please let us know.