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Making moves
Status: New idea

Gesture control for closing currently displayed tab in Firefox for Android:
There should be a gesture, like swiping from left to right, for quickly closing the tab currently displayed on the screen.
Advantage: After having read a topic, you could just close that tap/screen quickly by swiping, thus avoiding to close this tab later on in the all-tabs view.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager
New member

When I visit a site containing multiple Iinks of possible interest, I make one scroll-down pass through the home page opening a new tab for each hit.  In FF for Android it takes several clicks and screen changes to simply close the current tab and open the next most recent one.  This is inefficient and is unnecessarily frustrating;  particularly when viewing on a shared, slow Internet connection. 

An optional gesture and/or a top bar icon to close the currently displayed tab - without having to first open the entire gallery or list of tabs, then scroll to the currently displayed one, then click that tabs "X" to close it - is badly needed.   

I suggest there also be an optional way (gesture or icon) that closing a tab results in auto-viewing the next most recent tab.