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In Thunderbird's calendar view, you can use Shift + Scroll to change which week you are looking at.
You can also use Ctrl and the + or - keys to change how many weeks you are looking at.

I find it strange that the scrolling shortcut isn't on the Ctrl key as well, as that's usually used for zooming in particular.
It would also be more cohesive if Shift & + and Shift & - also scrolled the calendar.

There is also no shortcut for 'Today' or 'Reset Week View Size'...
...i.e. resetting the week view to show the amount of weeks in settings. Say, if 8 hours visible is the default, have a shortcut to reset it to 8 hours.

For this, I propose 'Home' be used, so Shift + Home for today, and Ctrl + Home for resetting the week view.

The current Ctrl +- shortcuts also effect the amount of weeks visible in multiweek view. By the same accord, Shift + Scroll also scrolls the multiweek view.

On top of this, you could use the arrow keys alone to bind these functions, when the main calendar is selected.

Including all current shortcuts, all of the shortcuts related to the calendar under this new set would be:

Shortcut | Function
Shift & +| Previous Day/Week
Shift & MWheel-Up | Previous Day/Week
Left Arrow | Previous Day/Week
Shift & - | Next Day/Week
Shift & MWheel-Down | Next Day/Week
Right Arrow | Next Day/Week
Shift & Home | Today
Ctrl & + | More Hours/Weeks Visible
Ctrl & MWheel-Down | More Hours/Weeks Visible
Down Arrow | More Hours/Weeks Visible
Ctrl & - | Less Hours/Weeks Visible
Ctrl & MWheel-Up | Less Hours/Weeks Visible
Up Arrow | Less Hours/Weeks Visible
Ctrl & Home | Reset To Default Hours/Weeks Visible

Shift & Scroll is already implemented, and Ctrl & + and Ctrl & - are also already in Thunderbird. They're included her to illustrate how the current shortcuts would be included in a more complete model of how Thunderbird's shortcuts would work.

Optionally, you could have Alt & Scroll / Alt & +- change between Day, Week, Multiweek and Month.
I also reversed the direction of Ctrl commands because when you scroll down, it puts more content on the bottom of the screen and keeps the current event at the top.


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