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Status: New idea

Firefox Desktop Launch Behavior: Request: An option to 'Open on a previous/default/static virtual desktop, or current virtual desktop'


Currently using several 'vDesktops' within Windows... (Ctrl + Super + Arrow(L/R), or taskbar 'Task View' button, near 'Start')

Firefox Desktop current launch behavior:
Opens on the virtual desktop from where the window instance was lastly used (just realized this might also need a further setting/testing to remember/recall from where window(s) (w/tabs) were lastly located upon closure.
When opened, defaults to the previously used (virtual)Desktop location, as that is where it's typically left.

It would be handy to have an option to modify that behavior:
Perhaps a toggle to 'Open Firefox on previous or current 'Virtual Desktop' layout'

Restore Firefox windows to the previously used location(s), or Launch(all) Firefox window(s) to the current Desktop.
Hover Verbiage:
Choosing 'Restore Previous' remembers individual Firefox window usage and recalls the previous location(s). Choosing 'Current Desktop' will open your previously used Firefox windows to the current virtual desktop from where the application was launched.


I advocate that extending the 'Restore Previous Windows' functionality in this manner would be a welcomed, and fruitful, addition, as rather than having one window with a group of tabs to use, users may recall several windows (w/tabs) across multiple virtual desktops, to where the previous individual window locations were used.



Just realized another kinda hassle:
Perhaps an option in the File menu to 'Quit All' instances of Firefox, to supplement 'Quit', would be handy also (so as not to have to pkill/taskman Firefox parent pid so the multiple windows can be restored more easily upon relaunch).

Another: Option: To have individual 'Window Groups' have a separate/unique 'container', to where isolated 'Windows' would allow for different cookie groups for each isolated Window (think different Microsoft accounts logged in uniquely for each window (Consider: a 'Individuate each Window with unique containers' option for windows operating within the same profile)(perhaps more simply 'Individuate Unique Window Containers')


Is the FF-Desktop source available anywhere?


Status changed to: New idea
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Factual Update:

To confirm more detail, the current behavior of the 'Exit' button, from within the File/Menu Bar indeed closes all open FF windows (Alt+F4 closes the current focused window instance)..

The current behavior of the open windows, across multiple virtual desktops, after using the 'Exit' button is that they resume the previous location(s) to where they were.. (FF 122.0.1, W10p)

Yet this info is still supplemental to the original request.