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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

There needs to be a way to disconnect or unlink an event entirely from its recursion.

This is necessary:

  • To move a single instance to another calendar (currently you can copy and paste to another calendar, but even then there event is still marked as recurring despite not being recurring - I don't know why this works this way but regardless being able to remove the recursion from that event would be useful)
  • To prevent accidental edits of recurring events when editing an instance that was copied from them but is unrelated and should no longer be connected.
  • For detailed scheduling, where events are frequently duplicated or be moved between calendars
  • Creating a second set of recurring events based on an existing recurring event, e.g. you have a recurring meeting in the morning, with links and reminders and details filled out for that event, and you want to set up a similar one in the afternoon with all the same details, but recurring at a different time; the best way to do this would be to copy an instance of the morning event and put it in the afternoon, unlink it from the morning events, then set its own recurring behavior. 

It should also be easy to access, probably with a keyboard shortcut, in addition to appearing in the secondary-click context menu, since when you are working with dense scheduling you may want to do it a lot.

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