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Making moves
Status: New idea

Currently if you open the Addons (Ctrl+Shift+A), you see your installed addons (if any) and some recommendations:


I think the recommendations could be better. I've checked on multiple PCs:

  •  I already have uBlock Origin (which is known in the community to have an excellent reputation), which is known to be better than (and negates the need for) both AdBlocker Ultimate and Privacy Badger
  • Firefox's own tracking protection should negate the need for a lot of what Privacy Badger appears to do
  • Firefox can block autoplay, and uBlock blocks YouTube ads, so I'm sure there's way more useful addons than Enhancer for YouTube that could be suggested
  • Why not promote Mozilla's own Firefox Translations instead of To Google Translate? I know it's not perfect just yet, but it will get there
  • I checked another PC and HTTPS Everywhere is recommended - pretty sure this is not required these days, and I think it's been abandoned
  • Ghostery: I believe uBlock origin does everything Ghostery can (and more)
  • AdGuard AdBlocker: How many adblockers do you think we need! Again, not needed if you already have an adblocker (especially ublock)

There's plenty of more useful, interesting add-ons out there that could be promoted or given 15min of exposure. For inspiration, check here:


Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

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Making moves




Just browsing the recommended Addons for Firefox. Lot of redundant or inferior addons being recommended. There's so many better and more useful ones that could be promoted.

Making moves

Oh, another one. Clearing your cache is usually only something you when troubleshooting, eg very infrequently. Can't imagine many people requiring a dedicated button for it! 🤷‍♀️





In general, I agree that we have a lot of room to improve on how we make recommendations, both in product and on AMO, especially in terms of knowing the user’s existing context.

Since I’m not involved in running it, I don’t want to get into specific curation decisions for what we currently have in the Recommended Extensions program, other than to say that any program like this is a mix of art and science, so decisions will always be somewhat subjective.  Decisions will also (unavoidably) reflect a point in time: e.g. HTTPS Everywhere was a much bigger deal in 2019 than today.  The community council and AMO team continue to look at ways to improve the program, now that we’re a few years in, and I’ll make sure they see this feedback.  Thanks!