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I love Mozilla but there's one detail Chrome has that Mozilla is missing and it makes the user experience very annoying. I like to hide my bookmarks toolbar because it clutters the screen and I share my screen a lot and it's a distraction to the audience. That means when I need to use the bookmarks I have to expose them, use them, then re-hide them. But on Chrome you can keep them hidden and they will still appear when you click open a new tab, but once you enter a web URL or click a bookmark the toolbar goes away. It looks like they built a mimic of the toolbar into the default homepage so it looks like it's appearing on the new tab even though technically I think it's still hidden. This is super helpful.

I added a screenshot below to show you Chrome VS firefox. I was surprised how easy it was to get used to Firefox given you did a great job making it easy to transition from Chrome but this is the one workflow that still jams me up every time. I'm sure there are others out there!

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