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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Provide a facility to expand short text snippets using keyboard shortcuts while writing emails.

In emails on regularly types the same text, starting from Greetings phrases such as "Best, <name>" or "With my very best regards\n <full name>" to repeated references elsewhere... It would be extremely useful if these could be stored in a little database and autoexpanded upon use. Either directly by a space after a predefined text or, somewhat more cumbersome, by a specific /text expansion/ code like CTRL-e or such.

For instance, macOS has "Text replacements" that are automatically expanded when followed by  a space. It would be great if these could be directly used also in TB on macOS, but a separate DB would also be okay. (maybe with the option to copy from macOS into the local DB...)
There is an add-on (Text Insert: ...) for old versions of Thunderbird that promises something along these lines, but it does not work with 115. In any case, it would be great if TB would provide such a facility for composing emails more efficiently.

Looking forward to see this implemented:-)

Status changed to: New idea
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