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Status: New idea
  1. Automated Cookie Deletion with Granular Time frames:

    • Implement an automated cookie deletion system that allows users to specify various retention periods, ranging from minutes to years.
    • Offer a "Keep cookies from the past month" option as a convenient default while enabling customizable time frames for more specific needs.
    • Provide an additional option to automatically delete cookies from websites not accessed within a user-defined time frame.
  2. Calendar-Based History Deletion:

    • Replace the current history deletion system with a calendar-based interface.
    • This would empower users to pinpoint and remove specific date ranges while retaining more recent history if desired.


  • Increased Privacy: Automatic cookie deletion and user-defined retention periods minimize data collection by third parties, enhancing user privacy.
  • Enhanced Security: Removing unused cookies helps reduce the attack surface for potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Improved User Control: Granular time frames and calendar-based deletion offer users greater flexibility and control over their browsing data.
  • Simplified Management: Automating cookie deletion and streamlining history management reduces tedious manual tasks.


I believe these proposed features would be invaluable additions to Firefox, empowering users to manage their privacy and security with greater ease and control. By offering customizable time frames and a calendar-based history deletion system, Firefox can significantly enhance its user experience and position itself as a leader in data privacy protection.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Status changed to: New idea
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