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Status: New idea

I know your approach to dealing with browser fingerprinting is to make the fingerprints less unique. But this is not the best method. The best method is to have a different fingerprint every time you start the browser. Even if the fingerprint is very unique, since the fingerprint changes randomly every time the browser is launched, no one can track it through the browser fingerprint.
You reduce the uniqueness of fingerprints by controlling the window size, but I usually maximize the window. If I don’t maximize the window, it will reduce my experience. There are definitely many people like me who like to maximize the window. However, once the window is maximized, it is equivalent to increasing the uniqueness of my fingerprint, and your browser fingerprint protection function is useless.

Status changed to: New idea
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@wutongtaiwan  This is a good approach. I agree. +1 for this.

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