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Calendars enable one to manage one's time efficiently, and colleagues can view one's busy/free times through a single main calendar. One can use events to block book time, thus demonstrating one's preferred availability (i.e. preferred core hours) with 'gaps' in the diary.


A problem, however, is that 'block bookings' will eventually pollute one's calendar with placeholder events. Thus obfuscating important entries and related events.

A Solution

It would be advantageous if one could create 'smart calendar views' (as we can do for emails) that could softly filter events based on categories and perhaps other domain specific information---as we can do for emails. Naturally, alerts and reminders should not be 'filtered'.


  • Thunderbird is _a client_ for a mail server, the solution should not be expected to work on other clients such as a web viewer.
  • A solution should be a soft view on the calendar, events are not being deleted.
  • A calendar can have many views.
  • 'Smart Folders' for an email Inbox offer a reasonable UX for how filters could be specified (through the Dialogue Wizard) and also presented to the end user---collapsable listing of views.
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