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If users could sort their rules lists it could significantly reduce duplication.

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The filter rules list can be sorted.  That is what the move up and move down buttons are provided for.  Given execution is usually in the order the filters appear in the list, sorting can have unexpected consequences.

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@MattAuSupport, it's true that the filters can be sorted manually.  Thanks for the (fairly) recent additon of the "to bottom" and "to top" buttons, their addition helped a lot.  I have close to 100 filters in my filter list.  It's tedious to manually sort a new entry up from the absolute bottom to just below halfway up, or to sort another entry from the absolute top down to just above halfway.  An automatic sort would help me keep all the entries ordered and easy to inspect for duplicates, without excessive time being spent.  

I realize that entries near the top act upon emails before entries lower in the list.  I'm willing to forgo any need for some sort of field to override a name sort, just to gain the raw sort by name.  

Thanks for your further consideration.

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Please automate email rules on the platform, to address ease of use and automate the functions required to improve the creation and automation of the rules.  Currently I have to do everything manually which is time consuming.   Have stats on the the most emails trends would be a good way to identify spammers and also filter high risk emails in some manner for phishing or highrisk emails. 

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I'm not sure if this is what was contemplated by the original poster, but there is one thing (actually, two things) that keep me from just outright adopting Thunderbird: one is rules, as implemented by Outlook. IOW, you can set conditions to handle individual email messages and either move them to a specific folder, forward them, delete them, and so forth. I have a boatload of email addresses (sorry, it can't be helped) and get a hundred or more emails a day. To manually move, delete, forward, etc. each of these is just too time consuming.

Second, I would like to be able to interact with my Outlook calendars in Thunderbird. I know it's technically possible, but another email client does that quite nicely. (It also doesn't seem to have the Rules feature.)

Thank you very much for your consideration of these issues.