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Having to scroll horizontally among tabs when you've got 12+ open is annoying. Chrome handles this much better by constantly shrinking the tab width. It's far more effective and I'd love FF to do the same

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Making moves

I voted for this idea but I also wanna add something to it. I for one wouldn't like the tabs shrinking on their own, so it would be better if there's tick box in settings with which to activate it. "Use dynamic tabs" ON will do what roosterfox suggested. "Use dynamic tabs" OFF will keep their size at what they've been so far. A sub-option under that tick box named "Custom size" which will only work if "dynamic tabs" is ON would allow us to manually enter minimum and maximum tab width. That way everyone will be happy and we won't have to resort to freezing Firefox updates to avoid things we don't like.

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If tabs are too small, there should be a function to display only favicons like pinned tabs.

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tabs that shrinking when the number of them increases - is main reason why I hate Chrome. I and my colleagues always have many opened tabs in Firefox with references, videotutorials, articles, mail, game or hardware reviews, cloud Drive etc - this all I need for everyday work as 3D Artist. Sometimes number of opened tabs reach 500+. Just imagine when 500 tabs will be shrinked in one strip to fit all of them to width of top panel! You will see nothing - no tab names, no fawicons
Scrolling of tabs without it shrinking - is very handy feature. You always clearly can see names of tabs. This is one of the best features of Firefox comparing to another browsers. This is the feature that makes Firefox the most comfortable browser for professional work.
If you want to switch quickly between last tabs - use Ctrl+Tab. Or you can use horizontal arrows on the sides of the panel with tabs. Also you can use down arrow at the right end of tab panel to open list of all tabs.
However, if you like the way how tabs work in Chrome so much, then you can just continue to use Chrome.

New member

When multiple tabs are open (more than 10 for my browser size), Firefox won't reduce the Tabs' width beyond a certain point, but resorts to side-to-side scrolling to access Tabs instead.

By contrast, Chrome continues auto-shrinking Tabs so that they all remain visible in the browser without requiring any scrolling.

Ideally Firefox would implement this as a user-choice setting, allowing for maximum flexibility depending on users' preference. LMK if this is already the case!

This is one of my least favorite things about Firefox.