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Status: New idea

When a user downloads a file in Firefox the download indicator does not show any download progress or downloaded file size. All that is shown when you click on the File Download Icon is a dropdown that shows the file name, no progress.

When the download is completed, the File Download Icon dropdown displays the file name and just says "Completed, and the file size".

During a file download can we please have the File Download dropdown display the file download progress, file size downloaded so far and or a progress bar of how much has been downloaded so far?

This would be a huge help to those of us using Firefox who download a lot of large files and have no idea of the progress of the downloaded files until at some point Firefox just says "Completed".

Please give your dedicated users this "simple" function!

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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I agree, we certainly need to be able to see the progress of downloading using FireFox.

Why isn't it already a part of the browser?


Making moves

Not really having details about downloads, before and during, is an undoubtedly necessary function in Firefox Mobile.

Making moves

Not really having details about downloads, before and during, is an undoubtedly necessary function in Firefox Mobile. 👍🏽

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When downloading files, it is good to know how much of the file has been downloaded and perhaps how much is left to be downloaded, the actual download speed is very handy to know.

I am sure I am not the only person who tends to download large files.
Downloading files such as 200mb (or greater) for example, and you can be sat waiting for quite some time watching Firefox to only say COMPETED, but never knowing during the download if it is actually downloading and the progress of the actual file download.

This function, if it were added so that Firefox did actually tell a user how the download was progressing (or not progressing), would be a function that would be such a much-needed addition to a browser that is completely lacking in any functionality to display what any download is actually doing.

I run a busy website and have to frequently download very PDF files to check them, it is so frustrating not knowing if the file download is actually working, stalled or what the download progress is or the actual download speed.

New member

I also really miss the function that was previously available in Firefox
to be able to download YouTube videos.
Even after joining as an YT premium user for a fee, it still doesn't work.
That's too bad!
Hopefully it will be fixed with the next Firefox version 125.0.X ?
Never change a running system... ;-))