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Making moves
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It would be great if there was a way to customize hotkeys.
Here's how I see it:
 * Have a about:hotkeys panel, with all actions listed, and already mapped shortcuts shown.
 * Whether these should be modifiable or not is up to the dev community, ideally they'd be.
 * When clicking on a hotkey field, ideally, there would be a capturing hotkey feature, or, before this, an AHK like syntax to define hotkeys (not as complex, something like: CTRL+H means this and MAJ+ALT+END means that...)

 * a restore to default button.
 * Done.

It can't be done with an extension because some function can't be accessed by extensions (I'm actually looking for a way to send tab to other device while browsing with TST.). Anyway, I believe this should boost productivity in a number of ways. You guys are devs, you know keyboards are faster than mice. 😛


edit: Corrected the typos, it's been bugging me for months now😅

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Can't believe this still isn't implemented in 2023, it has been working in Opera for 20years!

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Was looking forward to rebinding the default dev tool tabs to something more intuitive 😥

The silver lining was I found vim mode for the console, which was a pretty sweet serendipitous moment for me. The icing on the cake would be the custom keybindings 🎂 ⌨️

Making moves

Just giving this another bump. Not being able to customize keyboard shortcuts was the one thing keeping me from switching to Firefox for many years. However Chrome has recently forced my hand due to a recent tendency not to fully load certain sites without several refreshes, so here I am. I was getting more and more excited as I read through this thread and then disappointed when I saw the final few posts. Hopefully this limitation will be corrected one day.

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This is a much needed feature for me


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Would really want to see this feature implemented


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This is a must have. Or at least add a toggle in the Advanced section that gives the user the ability to change and/or disable specific default keybindings.


I get it, the process is streamlined when you have less bells and whistles and easier to troubleshoot.

My follow-up to that would be, just how we can customize shortcuts for add-ons, it would be great to extend this to default shortcuts.


I don't use 98% of the default keybindings....I cannot use those keybindings to bind anything else because they're in use by Firefox by default 😞

Making moves

Thank you for making this issue

I believe it is most important to provide an avenue for all users

to rebind any and all key bindings

It should also be very easy to type a magical incantation into the searchbar and summon my own prefferred set of key binding profile from any firefox browser, so that my keybindings will follow me around on every computer with firefox

All keys should be re-bindindable, and not just keys but any USB and bluetooth HID event should be bindable


It should be very easy to export and import a set of key bindings to and from a file

There should be an option to share our keybindings with firefox so that a statistical analysis can be performed and better default keybindings can be provided to users that are more in line with using a browser rather than the current which is designed to accomodate the needs of a developper


Of particular note is CTRL+SHIFT+C CTRL+SHIFT+V which would be much better used for copying and pasting tabs themselves

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This feature would be very welcome. I use Firefox on both macOS and Linux and the keyboard shortcuts are different so I get tripped up moving between devices and it gets frustrating.

At least having the ability to change the default keyboard shortcuts to something else. Even if put behind some kind of advanced feature to turn on modifying the keyboard shortcut would suffice.

Some of the suggestions above, like having the keyboard shortcuts sync'd across all devices would be amazing.

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Allow changing or disabling individual keyboard shortcuts in browser settings

Currently it is not possible, to my knowledge, to change built-in keyboard shortcuts in Firefox without use of external addons. The ability to change these in settings would be very nice.

One specific case: the "ctrl+b" shortcut opens the bookmarks sidebar thing - I am never personally interested in using this, but it overlaps exactly with the standard "bold text" hotkey in various text entry boxes. Many of these override browser hotkeys so this isn't an issue for those, but some do not, so you simply can't use the bold hotkey in those text editors in Firefox.

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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I use firefox on my phone and i would like to move this browser also on my desktop, but absence of this feature is just must have for me, i will wait till mozilla team will add this option.

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Recently returned to FF just to find out overlapping shortcut. Really looking forward for this implementation.

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This feature is essential to my workflow. Ideally we could have single key shortcuts, i.e. how vim and vivaldi handles it. I would like to use for ex. "A" to zoom in and "S" to zoom out. I would also like "Shift+J" and "Shift+K" to switch between tabs instead of using "Ctrl+Tab". The way it works is you input characters in input box and otherwise keys correspond to browser actions.

Making moves

Yes this. 

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When I'm using `Find in page` to search words in a page, after that, I usually would Alt-w to close the page (Alt-w is a shortcut I set in a third party extension to close the current tab and focus on the right tab.)

But when I'm in state of using Find in page, Alt-w would check the Whole words option, which I would rather check using my mouse.

So is it possible to disable the Alt-w shortcut to check the Whole words in Find in page?