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I've just discovered the containers feature and it's great.

However, one thing is doesn't appear to be able to do is open pages associated with no container (which IMO should be considered to be associated with a 'default container' but it doesn't seem to quite work like this) in a new tab, when the current tab is associated with some container.

There is an option called 'Replace tab instead of creating a new one' that sort of does half of this when disabled.

When this is option is disabled, if you open a page associated with some container while the current tab is displaying a page associated with no container, it will create a new tab to display the page in.

However, the reverse is not true: If you open a page associated with no container while the current tab is displaying a page associated with some container, it will NOT create a new tab, leaving you viewing the new (possibly unexpected) page in the old container.

My idea/suggestion is simply that this option perform both the above actions - whenever you visit a page associated with a different container (and this should include opening a page associated with no container) than a new tab is always created.

Perhaps this was the original idea and this is just a bug. Or perhaps I'm missing something here, just disovered these today and this is my only serious complaint. Although TBH I found containers fiddly to setup and sync - you have to install an extension, log into firefox account even if you're already logged in, and enable a bunch of things etc - not sure why they're not just built in, they're great and you can just ignore them if you want.

Anyway, keep up the good work as usual!

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