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Status: New idea

When adding a mobile bookmark to a folder ("select folder" menu) all folders are expanded (uncollapsed). If you have a lot of folders it can take some time to scroll through to find.

Suggestion would be; a option to have them collapsed (arrow down in or next to the folder icon) for who wants that option.

I really like the bookmark function Firefox has for mobile (and desktop), this is more a quality of life suggestion/nitpick

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

Make it easier to understand the bookmark folder hierarchy. I find it impossible to know which folder is under which folder, as there’s no visual connection, and the indent for sub folders is minimal.

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I agree. When I want to add a bookmark while using my phone, it is usually a folder among my mobile ones, but desktop folders are on the top of the list.

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Strollin' around

To add a related suggestion:

When adding a bookmark on iOS, the folders aren’t indented to reflect folder nesting. Meaning that the user doesn’t see the folder structure, making navigating the folders less intuitive. 

Ideally, in addition to the folder structures being collapsible, they should also be indented to show folder nesting.

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Please can we sort this.

With any reasonable number of bookmarks scrolling through the only fully expanded list is tiresome.

Please allow us to expand/collapse our bookmark folders as per any/every other place where a folder hierarchy is used