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Making moves
Status: New idea

 I think mozilla needs to clean/remake the add-ons store. Clean: delete add-ons with 0/1 users. Delete add-ons that are the same like translation add-ons there are many from and they all do the same stuff with the same code. delete outdated add-ons. Remake: developers need to say if the add-ons is mv2 or mv3. Give notification if they stop updating the add-ons.    

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jeppie is this an expansion of your idea here: remove outdated add-ons (extensions from the store)? Or do you want this to stand alone as a separate idea?

Strollin' around

Also it would be great if the store actually shows similar add-ons to the one we are viewing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@addy this is a great suggestion! I'd recommend submitting it as a new idea here in the Ideas section.

Making moves

I like this idea and wish to add something very important:

Whether in Firefox or Thunderbird, please, please stop showing out-dated or incompatible addons 😞

Set a default to only show addons that work with your version, not just 'gray them out'. That adds a lot of extra browsing time if I'm looking for an addon.

Example: Looking at Thunderbird Addons, within TBird... 'Most Popular Extensions' list:

20 to a page:

Page 1: 2 outdated (the 1st and 3rd); Page 2: 4 outdated; Page 3: 4, Page 4: 4 plus 1 'This add-on has been marked as experimental by its developers'.

I'm currently running 115.2.0 and should only see the addons that 'work' with my version. There should be a way to 'filter' or 'autodetect' when on the website.

Thank you 🙂