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Status: In development

This feature was great, and one of the reasons why I stayed with Firefox when I tried it. From stopping accidental downloads to avoiding malware, being able to choose to keep a download instead of automatically putting it on my device was really helpful, so I suggest adding a toggle(alongside the options for individual files) to choose between asking for all files or auto-downloading. I'd greatly appreciate this change.

Strollin' around

It would be convenient to be able to choose once at the beginning and then subsequent downloads from that page follow the same destination.

Strollin' around

It would be nice for Firefox to use the temporary folder files again instead of putting everything "opened on Firefox" on my Download folder. Now I have a new task of deleting the file that I just wanted to check (no need to save it).

New member

There's an option in Settings>Downloads to 'always ask...' Is that what you want?

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My daily work is with dozens of pdf files through business emails. Since it's 98th version started to autosave files, before opening them, it gave me a lot of headaches. Firefox team has to re-consider that immediately.

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STOP AUTO SAVING FILES!!!!! Ugh. I do not want everything auto saved.. I used to open pdf files to work in them (make redactions, edit pages, etc). I do not want every single pdf that I open to download. It's creating a nightmare of unnecessary documents and stuff I dont need. You have the option to "always ask" but we dont actually have the option to open OR save. It's auto-saving files no matter what you want to do. This is ridiculous and going backwards in functionality. This is why I always used Firefox instead of switching to chrome or something else. Now I cant even work efficiently in Firefox. This needs to be fixed.

Making moves

Please restore the "Always ask" feature for downloads exactly like it was before the 98.0 update.

Making moves
Making moves

Yes, now Firefox clutters the download folder with tons of unwanted temporary stuff, which one only wanted to look at for a moment and did not want that stuff permanently placed in the download folder.

New member

Let us have a work around for automatically saving files when opened. It is a total annoyance to have to delete every file when all you wanted was to simply view it and not want it saved. I may have to change my browser if this not get resolved!

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Community Manager

Hey all, 

Here with an exciting update…

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