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Status: Delivered

This feature was great, and one of the reasons why I stayed with Firefox when I tried it. From stopping accidental downloads to avoiding malware, being able to choose to keep a download instead of automatically putting it on my device was really helpful, so I suggest adding a toggle(alongside the options for individual files) to choose between asking for all files or auto-downloading. I'd greatly appreciate this change.

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It seems as though we are getting "lip service" from Mozilla about the download issue. I agree it is not fixed and to say it was corrected and to close the issue is ridiculous. This has been on going for months and still no remedy. Amazing! Please get back to work on the issue or I'll delete this browser and use another one.


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Great update Mozilla ! That`s very inconvenient for us ! Instead of temp they move to download folder ! A new task for us ! We dont have all the time in the world ! Aaa,after downloading the file the page close automatic ! 😞

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Just updated to 105.0.3 (64 bit) this morning. Issue is still there. 😏😑🤬

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I can't page past the 5th page - I assume users have either found another browser or have given up on Mozilla fixing this issue.

As a secondary option, could we at least specify the default Firefox temporary download folder, DIFFERENT from our default 'real' download folder? At least we'd be less likely to delete a 'real' download when clearing out all the junk downloads.

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Downloads Behaviour

Option to change default downloads directory and to always ask before downloading.

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I don't like the new/current behaviour.
Firefox is automatically downloading any PDF to the standard "Download" folder (although I've configured it to always ask where to download to) and is also displaying the PDF in a new tab. Why both (downloading and displaying). This doesn't make sense to me.
This is very annoying already for months 😞

I like(d) the fact, that you could configure Firefox to always ask where to download a pdf to, and Firefox remembered the last location that you've used for this server. This is/was a great feature. You can have in you "Downloads" folder different sub-folders for different banks, mobile phone providers, insurances, for Rasberry Pi, for Virtual Box, ... and when you started a download from e.g., the file dialog went automatically to the Virtual Box folder. This is still true for downloading e.g. executables, but not for PDFs anymore. For PDFs it's already broken for months. They all end up in the standard "Downloads" folder without even asking if I want to download the document or where I want it to be saved. All my Bank, Insurance and Mobile Phone statements end up in the "Downloads" folder and I have to move them manually. This is really annoying!!!

I hope they will fix it soon.

For now, I've changed in about:config the two advanced settings "" to "false" and "" to "true". I hope I will now have again the behaviour that I used to have until about a year ago.

Best Regards,

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This was possible but was cancelled / changed recently. See

This option isn't awailable anymore. Even you set Firefox to ask before a download starts, it is going to be downloaded to a folder that was choosen years ago. This folder information can't be deleted. Maybe a complete delete of the browser and reinstallation will help.

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I have changed:
to true

so FF doesn`t save pdfs to the download folder when i only want to view them.

This FF behaviour is totally sensless in my opinion and should be revised!
I have lots of work to manually sort out unnecessary downloads from download folder and separate them from necessary ones.

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I have used firefox for years.  No more.  This downloading every pdf is dangerous for me.  I like to save my bills to a card, not my computer.  With this update to firefox, I get my credit card bill saved to my downloads folder, where I DON'T WANT IT, in spite of asking to save it elsewhere.  I'm on a mac and have not found a work around for this.