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With version 98.0 the saving of .exe files won't ''ask me'' if i want to save the file like in previous versions.I read that the default saving attitude now is auto-saving. I have changed to ''always ask'' most of my content type like it was before, but the .exe type is missing. Please fix this on next version because a misclick - autosaving a .exe file can make things pretty bad. I have tried finding the ''Old Firefox'' folder in order to replace my old prefs.js but i guess newer versions have stopped using that folder.So please fix it.

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Absolutely.  Why did it change?  Who on earth thinks having the list show on every download is a good idea?

Making moves

Downloads are a "user" folder, for the "users" choice of use, not a dumping ground for every surplus file that one has looked over during one's browsing.


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I also hate the new function without an "open"-option for if you just want to temporarily view a file and then never see it again. Having the downloads-folder fill up with a bunch of useless files for no reason sucks, and pretty much makes it useless for actually storing things you've downloaded and want to keep. So it's just turning downloads in to another temp-folder, but without it emptying itself.

Please, please, please add back the option to select between open and save.

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It puts me in breach of GDPR, because I am recruiting and need to review a CV/resume with personal information submitted through a website *before* I decide whether I have justification to save it. It is illegal to keep that data if the candidate is not suitable. That means that I have *two* extra steps: save it to be able to read it, and then comprehensively delete it from my system if it's not an appropriate candidate. I am considering creating a folder on my Desktop Called "FirefoxDevsAreIdiots" to save these temporary files into. Or, you know, find another browser after seventeen years....

Strollin' around

Every. single. file. that I download, I download for a specific reason. I have specific aims for each file--that cannot be predicted by file type--that tend to vary between the following: either to view and discard, view with option to save to a specific directory, or immediately save to a specific directory.

Which is why, for the many years I have been using Firefox, I set download behavior to "Always Ask." I have never used ~/Downloads as a catch-all download directory except when forced to (say, on some Windows machine I have no admin access to); sometimes I divide ~/Downloads into subdirectories so that I know where to look for things later; more often I put my subdivided download directory on an external drive and do not want to symlink it to ~/Downloads precisely because some browsers' default to using it as a trash can.

Why would Mozilla decide they know better than I do how to handle downloads on my computers? I have download directories full of files older than many of you. I swear to you I know what I am doing when I choose "Always Ask".

But now it won't stick. What is this even.

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Please let the user decide whether or not to download a file to the downloads folder, and whether or not to have the dropdown box showing downloads. I find the dropdown box very distracting as I'm trying to work. It gets in the way of the content on the screen. I also agree with the other posters here that cluttering up my downloads folder is VERY annoying. If I don't CHOOSE to download something, it should be in temp, not downloads (especially security-wise as Keith mentions).

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just one word (out of the warm blanket of usability) ...  PREDICTABILITY

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I agree with the original poster.  The new method is a real step backwards in my opinion and prevents me from making my own decisions.

Please revert!

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I do not like the new document download handler. It does not give you a choice to look at it before you choose to save or not. It wastes time having to save and retrieve it and then delete it if you don't want it. Also the download list box opens by itself and blocks the screen making you have to stop and close it. This is not an improvement. Please go back to the previous gray dialog box which is simpler and gives you choices. Thank you for your consideration.

Familiar face

Agree with people, I need this functionality to be able to choose whether I wan't to download it, open it (with downloading it in temp folder) or open it in firefox. Or even cancel it because I didn't really want to download it. That's the one of many features, why I'm still with firefox.

This may be a redesigned panel near download panel button, but this functionality is needed. (And don't forget buttons initial freeze time so websites can't exploit random clicks)

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Removing the ability to open downloads has made the process of editing photos so much longer and annoying. prior to removal, all I had to do was download>open in photoshop. Now, I must save, open download directory, find file, right click>open with>photoshop. In some cases of file extension, I must go the extra step and seek out my Photoshop executable directory when it doesn't appear in Windows by default, it's just obnoxious. It's also contributed towards an even more cluttered download folder that needs frequent clearing, as I download images for editing a lot.

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I just want to mention that where file will be downloaded can be determined after file is downloaded. For example instead of "Show in Folder" there can be "Move to Temp Folder" button.
"Show in Folder" is already in context menu.
"Downloads popup panel" also can have preferences button.


Strollin' around

This feature needs to be reverted. In my case, I have a server generate a PDF based on a query string. It's no longer feasible to use Firefox to preview these PDFs since they are downloaded and previewed locally. I can't quickly change the URL and test the new PDF output.

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With the Firefox version 98, you impose the automatic opening of the download panel, for reasons I do not adhere.
It is essential to match this new behavior of an alternative (which existed in old versions of Firefox), with in Settings > General > Downloads, a check/uncheck box "Show Window Downloads when downloading a file".
Thank you in advance,
Best regards,

Making moves

you guys really screwed this one up lol. i cant even get magnet link to auto open in my torrent app, it just downloads the fkn thing without even asking.
*sigh* another good browser going down the shter, aye? guess i'll switch to something else then.