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Status: In review

I love extensions like Dark Reader that automatically transform any website with a dark theme. The way they do this is by injecting many new styles into the DOM, it works but there is two main drawbacks to this method :
- there's a latency that makes contents blink
- it reduces performances on some websites by a lot

So It would be great if there could be a built-in low level solution (directly in web render?) that would swap colors on the fly without editing the page styles and thus would solve the two aforementioned issues.

Making moves

Yes please, this is needed both desktop and mobile.

Strollin' around

YES!!! Make it so!




Samsung InternetSamsung Internet

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This would effectively make apps like Firefox Focus a suitable replacement for the typical Google app. It is in Mozilla's best interest to expedite this process. It's been long enough.

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@Jon is there any new update?

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It would be great to have it!

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It would be great to have. I want to use Firefox but using Brave because it has built-in dark reader mode.

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Mozilla should offer 2 options for the user to choose from:

  1. DARK GRAY mode for web contents
  2. #000000 BLACK mode for web contents
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  1. DARK GRAY mode for web contents
  2. #000000 BLACK mode for web contents

Yes, agree. Such improvement will be great!

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Black content is often way more pleasant to use on OLED screens, it also reduces battery usage. Addons are very cpu heavy.
I'm worried that resistance to implementing this stems from insurmountable roadblocks within current engine.

Making moves

Dark mode must have the option to change according to the time Programmed

Strollin' around

love Firefox! But the one reason for switching to edge now is its many options to automatically show websites in dark mode, not complete color inversion, just black background with all other items, fotos, etc in normal color.

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FirefoxにDark Readerのような、全てのサイトに強制的にダークモードを適用する機能を追加してください!また、ホワイトリストへの登録や、色の強さを変更できる機能も追加していただけるとありがたいです!そして、モバイルデバイスでもツールバーからアクセスできるボタンがあればなお良いです!そしてできれば動作を軽くしてほしいです!

Please add a feature like Dark Reader to Firefox that forces dark mode on all sites! I would also appreciate it if you could add the ability to register to the whitelist and change the color strength! And even better if there is a button that can be accessed from the toolbar on mobile devices too! And if possible, I would like to make the movement lighter!

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

Strollin' around

We need it for sure, because it's very comfortable for eyes in the evening and night.

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I desperately wish this would be implemented.
I read PDFs with the color replacement(through the "Preferences -> Accessibility" menu), all my OS themes are dark mode, I type in word in dark mode. I've got the forced dark mode enabled on the Edge browser through the edge://flags at work (I use Edge at work). My eye strain is so much less than it used to be.

This website, with it's incredibly white background, is like staring at the sun now. I don't want to use Edge at home: I like the privacy protections I can get through the Mozilla platform, but I'm getting awfully tempted nowadays.