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Mozilla has enough skills, knowledge, and experiences to build rock solid Linux Distro

By the way FireFox Focus has truly been a pleasure


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I agree @snowmagician, it would be great to see an alternative to ChromeOS - a browser first OS ran by Mozilla would be awesome. There is another post like this here, if you want to kudos it for support.

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They tried to built a mobile os before but failed  :

I think a desktop os will be even harder to build and sucess.

Making moves

Hmm I'm not sure of the value of this, Linux is already a solid platform with privacy/openness at its core.

There are already (arguably) too many distros out there, not to mention the different bases like CentOS, Debian. What's wrong with just running Firefox on Ubuntu for example?

If Firefox did a mobile OS (alternative to Android/iOS), man, I'd be all in!

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I am the one who suggested the idea that @s1fly  is introducing, but unfortunately I'm not confident that Mozilla will develop an OS today. They discuss but do not implement, and their principles and actions are becoming disconnected.

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Does anyone remember FirefoxOS, it used a Linux Kernel. I have a phone here with it on.  It was not what I would call very good, as syncing simple things like pictures from the camera never worked properly.

There is even still a user support forum for it.

However like many Mozilla projects,  it was abandoned.  See what Wikipedia has to say


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I think it would fail at this moment because Mozilla does not offer the services which are needed for an complete OS to be successful.

Google has all their services like gmail, calendar, etc which is a big part of ChromeOS' success.

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Why Mozilla doesn't create a distro linux called: MozillaLinux?

It can be very useful.


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