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Dear developers, your browser is rightfully considered one of the best and most common among Internet users. But the pace of life is accelerating all the time, and with it our needs are growing

I, like most (I’m sure of this), already lack 12-13 tabs open at the same time, I constantly have to close something. I propose to make several rows of tabs with the option of choosing one row or two rows, thank you, success in your work, we appreciate and love you

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Hi, are you interested in having more rows because the tab titles become hard to read as more tabs are added, or because you can't see the ones that are off the screen?

I'm sure you know that Firefox will shrink the tabs down to a certain width (about 76 pixels) and then adds scroll buttons. To partially compensate for not seeing all the tabs, when the scroll bar is "overflowing", Firefox should show an extra button at the end of the tab bar to drop down a list of the open tabs in the window:


Some users are advocating for getting rid of the tabs bar altogether and having a list of tabs along the left or right side of the browser window (similar to the above-pictured list, but fixed in place).

I am not sure of the best solution, but hopefully knowing about that list helps for now.