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Status: New idea

Many users do not like the new print user interface, so they have been staying with the old print user interface by setting print.tab_modal.enabled to false.  Everything was fine until Firefox 97 removed this option.  Many users have complained about this on

I normally print to PDF and do not want a preview.  I usually do a "postview" to check the resulting PDF.  The new print user interface would just slow things down without providing me with any benefit.  The old print preview should be available for those users who need it.  I have reverted to Firefox 96.0.3.

Please bring back the whole of the old print user interface, i.e. what was provided by setting print.tab_modal.enabled to false.

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When they first enabled this, I had configured print.tab_modal.enabled = false. But some update within the last month or two completely ignores that option so I have to manually click the print using system dialog link at the bottom. Extremely annoying. I'm on 98.01


Strollin' around

Adding my voice to express how much I loathe the new print interface, and want to be able to use the System Dialogue instead. Too many more clicks to do what I need to do, much less efficient thus very annoying, and it's never a good idea to reduce a user's choices. Please change it back, or at least give us the option to bypass and use the system interface. Thank you.

Strollin' around

I am not suggesting that the new print user interface should be removed.  If you like the new interface, you should be able to continue using it.  But those who like the old interface should also be able to continue using it.  Bring back the choice between the old and the new print user interface.

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I am of the  same opinion. The new "improved" print preview that's built into the print function blows chunks. Horrible, horrible, horrible! PLEASE bring back the old print preview option.

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You fixed NOTHING, Mozilla.  Instead you broke things.  Why did you do this?  Bring back the system print dialogue, it's part of the OS, and it's there for a reason, no need for you to reinvent the wheel, especially when your wheel is misshapen.

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Yes - the new Print function is awful, small print "preview" screen and totally inefficient by having to select the custom selection to print pages wanted,  the print Odd or Even pages doesn't cut it.  This is no way an improvement rather a regression.  Please bring back the old Print Preview by allowing the Print.Tab Model enabled to False that actually works.

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I absolutely hate the Firefox print dialog. I don't wanna open Adobe documents in Firefox because THEY ARE ADOBE DOCUMENTS, nice that you think everybody only needs to PRINT Adobe documents. Well, there is a lot that Adobe can do with PDFs that Firefox never never will. I don't want to have to search a SAVE destination to save PDFs and then search it again in Windows Explorer to open in Adobe. Forcing that stupid god-awful print dialog on everyone is not clever nor funny. It's just made my life hell.

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I would appreciate two changes

My printer includes 4 print tray options. I would like to see this option in the Firefox print dialogue box. The print tray settings show up in the system dialogue box.

Move the option to use the system print dialogue box to the top of the Firefox print dialogue box. At least if I am making an additional click I don't need to scroll the bottom.

Using Firefox 98 and Ubuntu 20



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Please return Print Preview. The previous version was easy to read and use, the new version isn't nearly as easy to read, or use. There's a lot of dialogue in the forum on how to use the new version, essentially defending it, but is mostly repetitive and doesn't respond to its failings. It's beginning to look like someone's idea submitted for the purpose of "change" and is worse than what it replaced.

You guys have the code, please..., just reinstall it. In defense of the old version, there are lots of dialogue, i.e., submissions, on the subject of returning the old version of Print Preview, and lots of "explanations" on how to use the new version. Unfortunately, none of the explanations resolve readability and usability issues. The change wasn't an upgrade, it was a downgrade, ...unfortunately.

Please, restore the old version or, at least, give the user the option of reactivating it; once again.

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Please, bring back the old print dialog - or at least the option to choose.
It's useless for me, complicates the print procedure, it's unclear and confusing.
And it misses an option to change header and footer! (I think that's a bug):
Currently, I need to open about:config and remember the setting print.printer_FreePDF.print_headerright everytime I need to change it!! Or did I miss something?
After using Firefox for decades (starting with Netscape), it appears it's time for a change if this ignorance continues.

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Please use the standard OS print box for printing instead of the new awkward one, or at least leave a toggle somewhere so we have the choice to have a consistent print dialog (the OS print dialogue which everyone is familiar and fast with).  I have no desire to learn another print dialogue just so firefox can have it's own 'unique and better (?) one'.   Will probably change to other browser if this is not fixed.

Making moves

It is enough of an issue to cause me to stop using Firefox for a number of applications.  You are getting as bad as googley, forcing their programs to be used.  Please fix this.

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Absolutely agree... bring back the old print user interface. The new one takes more time (more keystrokes / mouseclicks) to print just the first page (which 95% of the time contains all the content you want to print). I really don't want to downgrade to Firefox 96 and use the workaround of setting the print.tab_modal.enabled to false!

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Let the user decide which user interface pops up first.

Making moves

In addition, I now can't set my printer to the duplex mode.

The old interface was better.