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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Many users do not like the new print user interface, so they have been staying with the old print user interface by setting print.tab_modal.enabled to false.  Everything was fine until Firefox 97 removed this option.  Many users have complained about this on

I normally print to PDF and do not want a preview.  I usually do a "postview" to check the resulting PDF.  The new print user interface would just slow things down without providing me with any benefit.  The old print preview should be available for those users who need it.  I have reverted to Firefox 96.0.3.

Please bring back the whole of the old print user interface, i.e. what was provided by setting print.tab_modal.enabled to false.

New member

I am so sick of Firefox and their "updates." The "updated" print dialogue box is a joke. I don't want Firefox to dictate if I should have a header and a footer nor do I want you to control where the page number/date and time is in my printed documents.

I want to choose if I have a header or footer or both and what information goes in them and where. The old Prevent Preview worked very well and the Page Setup allowed the user full control of their printed document.

Look at Yahoo; the "updates" has killed them. If you remain on the useless "updates" track, you'll go the way of the dodo bird.

I am moving to another browser since you, Firefox, would like to be just like all the rest. Your uniqueness is what I liked about you 15 years ago. Are your developers trying to lose users? I really would like to cuss. GOODBYE! ~ASERAS

"Ignorance is a horrible thing. But arrogance, the belief that knowing a little more than the ignorant makes you wise, is more horrible still." – James Rozoff

Making moves

I just dumped the new download process (changed to "false") & I had been using classic print preview till Mozilla bent me over the table & anally forced it on me again.

Not understanding psychological need of Mozilla to be a "chrome" browser. I am on an active hunt for another browser that is user friendly. Have installed Ungoogled Chromium & using it is getting much easier. It is a fork that removes aspects requiring communication with Google & eliminates spyware/adware components of Google. Might as well go to Chrome since FF is slowly forcing it on us. Using same apps as in FF. Privacy is even stronger than in FF.

No thanks for this crap. Change rape should be illegal.

New member

Major issue to print/download a proof of payment or pdf file when using internet banking, as the print window opens within the same window/tab of the IBanking window?? I can't click back to the previous window, as it will log me out of IBanking. This is a horrible new change!!! PLEASE bring back to what it was and don't change things when everything is working fine!!


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The new interface does not work. First it takes a long time to load the page for printing. Then it does not print for a long time. When it finally prints, it prints in super small fonts which is not even readable. Even while saving a document to .PDF, the same thing happens and in the end the file does not get saves until and unless you repeat the procedure more than twice.

Familiar face

I don't know, I actually like this new interface as it allows me to see what will be printed before actually printing. I've tested this with many websites and the preview is generated within a second (there were exceptions where it took like 5 seconds, for pages that use heavy markup and are not adapted for printing). Also, I suppose, it helps with some printing settings (like margin) that can be not supported by printer software

For those who wants to print using "old" system print dialog - you can press the "Print using the system dialog" button at the end of the list any time, even when the preview is still loading, so the option hasn't gone anywhere. It was just moved to another place (not far) to give space for a feature that is useful for (also many) other people (and was implemented in Chrome).



New member

When they first enabled this, I had configured print.tab_modal.enabled = false. But some update within the last month or two completely ignores that option so I have to manually click the print using system dialog link at the bottom. Extremely annoying. I'm on 98.01


New member

Adding my voice to express how much I loathe the new print interface, and want to be able to use the System Dialogue instead. Too many more clicks to do what I need to do, much less efficient thus very annoying, and it's never a good idea to reduce a user's choices. Please change it back, or at least give us the option to bypass and use the system interface. Thank you.

Strollin' around

I am not suggesting that the new print user interface should be removed.  If you like the new interface, you should be able to continue using it.  But those who like the old interface should also be able to continue using it.  Bring back the choice between the old and the new print user interface.

New member

I am of the  same opinion. The new "improved" print preview that's built into the print function blows chunks. Horrible, horrible, horrible! PLEASE bring back the old print preview option.

New member

You fixed NOTHING, Mozilla.  Instead you broke things.  Why did you do this?  Bring back the system print dialogue, it's part of the OS, and it's there for a reason, no need for you to reinvent the wheel, especially when your wheel is misshapen.