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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

why do we have to fake being offline to simply make an icon on home screen that opens browser to the exact URL I am at?

Difficulty of opening browser to a page you often want shouldn't exist. I can have hundreds or thousands of links to organize, not apps, but exact url shortcuts.

I never want a PWA. Almost all websites lose the full url completely when you "install" it to home screen and just take you to the root url defeating the purpose of shortcuts. I can't switch to desktop view which is only way to do stuff often. I can't use forward or backward buttons to help browse. I can't refresh easily.  I can't do anything with pwa that is normal in browser window.

I have to install sketchy third party software that can't even grab favicon to use for shortcut to add bookmarks to my home screen among all the other apps that used to be normal operation... I'm yet to meet anyone who uses pwa, people now have to save url in random ways to paste into browser to simply open it again...

As some like pwa, at least give us the option in the settings to make regular "save shortcut to home screen" option show up.

Don't make me open browser to find shortcuts or bookmarks. My home screen (phone desktop) organization flexibility with screens and folders is leagues better than any browser bookmarks.

Please! Thanks!

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