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Status: In review

Progressive Web apps are an important feature of a browser that Firefox is the only one missing.
For some, it can be the reason to switch to another browser.
In other cases like for the Steamdeck, it's what imposed the choice to only include Chrome in the SteamOS interface.
Other problem even for avid Firefox users, since I wanted Social apps on my pc I had to get them on the Microsoft Store which is an Edge PWA that opens every link in an Edge window, making me use this... other browser.

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Please Mozilla, bring back PWA for firefox. I use it very much with chrome and edge to run my systems, only for PWA support, but my apps run better and faster when using Firefox.

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PWAs is a must in 2022!! This and the error with "Justify" Text , drives me crazy!!


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Strongly Agree with this! 

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We all need PWA support !

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I need PWA on firefox to remove my MS edge on ubuntu !! I use it a lot to make apps for my work stuff and love to do it on firefox

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Yes please. I switched to Microsoft Edge because I couldn't use Spotify PWA with Firefox.

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I have a strong preference for desktop PWA support. I've been wondering why Firefox doesn't support it for years.

Without desktop PWA support, users generally have three options:

  1. Run the PWA all the time in a pinned Firefox tab. It's not as fast to switch to on macOS, as the PWA doesn't have a dock entry or a separate entry in alt-tab. Additionally, pinned tabs have some quirks compared to regular tabs; I've actually lost data before when running a note taking PWA in a pinned tab (known issue, I forget what the ticket number is).
  2. Install the PWA though another browser. This is non-ideal; links clicked on in a PWA running via a Chrome app window open in Chrome instead of the system default browser.
  3. Sometimes an Electron app is available as an alternative. This tends to use more system resources and be less secure. Often Electron apps aren't updated promptly in response to security vulnerabilities in the runtime. Sometimes developers unfamiliar with the browser security model inadvertently introduce their own vulnerabilities.
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Ugh absolutely essential. PWAs are the future and I hate to see a lack of embrace from Mozilla. I'll probably end up switching browsers if this ends up a dud

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PLEASE bring official PWA support to Firefox! It's been normalized now by Chromium-based browsers, and it's critical to so many workflows. I want Firefox and Mozilla to succeed so much. Y'all do so much good for the web, but if I worry about the future if you ignore the demand for this feature.