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Notes is such a great utility with helps jot down links, share between devices. 

Making moves

 I hope mozilla will bring it back. I don't need necessary a separate mobile app but using the add-on in firefox mobile is great then they don't need to make a separate app. or just built it in firefox on desktop and mobile.   

New member

Absolutely agree in bringing this back, especially with the device syncing capability. I couldn't tell you how many times I've had a D&D campaign idea, typed it in my notes phone app (I use Android), then forgot what the idea was when I finally have time to type up a session on my laptop, which has all my tab folders for session planning.

I can very well see this be useful for others as well!

New member

I recently started using notes, but noticed the very next day that it lacks syncing. How sad for such a cool feature. I hope mozilla will bring back syncing !!