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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

In past when I bookmarked a link I could've added description or notes to it.

the type of notes I used to add to Description field:

  • where I learned about the website/link.
  • What that page or utility does
  • for some shopping sites, I would add the restriction of that websites, for example the minimum order, the locations they delivered to, what is the delivery cost etc.
  • Specially if it is outdated website, I add Issues that the website had and workarounds.

It is just useful when you needed it. right now I add these to the Name field. But it is not that efficient .

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It would be nice to have a notes column in bookmark menu(library). so the user can add notes about that link/website.

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As I posted before make bookmarks work the way was in the past. Now bookmarks is worthless to users of Firefox. Hope you get this message


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i now see mozilla is no longer using bookmarks on firefox. i have been using firefox since win. 98se. give me a reason to still use fierfox.

not a happy camper

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firefox bookmarks no loner work!

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@paymanzHi! How are you?

This is very helpful and could help this topic open "Bookmarks with intelligence in Mozilla Firefox":

Some proposed features:

  1. 'Types... for Bookmarks',
  2. 'Color for Bookmarks',
  3. 'Collection for Bookmark',
  4. 'Automatic tags for bookmark',
  5. 'Search with intelligence in Mozilla Firefox' - inspiration would be something like the Evernote search system,
  6. 'Option to export bookmarks as csv, bibtext, markdown(table), sql or json in Mozilla Firefox'

So... Adding notes to bookmark would be very interesting and helpful.

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@paymanz Hi! How are you?

Efficient system for bookmarks - my general idea:




  1. Fields( note-bookmark, color-bookmark, type-bookmark, tags-bookmark, location-bookmark, collection-bookmark, name-bookmark).
  2. Fields as tags, location, type and name are filled in automatically.
  3. Location field is only done by labels(tags) like Gmail system, not done by folders(treeview) - treeview is just the view of labels(tags).
  4. Option to export bookmarks as csv, bibtext, markdown(table), sql or json in Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Search with intelligence in Mozilla Firefox - inspiration would be something like the Evernote search system.



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My idea ...  here! @paymanz I tried to make visual improvements....


Making moves

adding an extended comment to a bookmark...

I am currently using ver. 109.0.1 and I don't see any possibility to add a comment to each bookmark
I remember that when I used XP I had a firefox who permitted that (but I don't remember the version) so I suppose it is a cut out feature. Why that? I think it was such a useful feature the possibility to add an extended comment to each of your bookmarks. 

Strollin' around

Note or comment on bookmark


I have to use an external application to store my bookmarks, because I want to put some notes on some bookmarks.
I find this very problematic. I haven't found an addon that does this, but anyway it seems useful to me that this is natively integrated (with the option to search in these notes).
We would avoid additional operations (unnecessary clicks)


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