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Status: New idea

All in line, under each other instead having to "slide" over to "close multiple tabs".

Vivaldi does it.

Other Chrome based need an extension for "close tabs to left" part, but it does not appear in right-click menu.

Wasn't there (once upon a time) an extension for Firefox to modify right-click menu?

Making moves

I use the add-on below. You can also change the hotkeys.

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Thanks for the tip T9!
Appreciate it! 😉

But, seeing that my hand still spends much time with the mouse, a simple scroll down on right-click menu is a constant need.

Familiar face

I think it'll make the menu cluttier, so, I'd like it to be an option instead of the only reality

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@steel835- have you looked at the Vivaldi setup? IMHO, it is pretty simple and straightforward.

Hotkeys are a nice thing, but when you have a bunch to recall (from other apps), it can be overwhelming.

Hence, your point of menu clutter could be avoided if the items could be manually modified.

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Bring back "close tab to the left/right/other" back to main menu

Who had the genius idea to put this commands into a submenu? No I have to install an add-on just to bring the old functionality back. I use these all the time and using the submenu is annoying. At least put an option into preferences to bring the commans away from submenu.

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