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New member
Status: New idea

Please create a bookmark button, which is accessible with a minimum of clicks and ordered correctly!

The current button is a library for bookmarks, history and downloads. After clicking bookmarks all the recent bookmarks are shown chronologically. My folder structure is ignored and finding a bookmark that was created more than a week ago is usually a pain. Additionally it is an unreasonable amount of clicks to only end up at "Manage Bookmarks".

I wish for a Button that opens a context menu similar to "Manage Bookmarks": All my bookmarks (except the ones inside folders) are shown in alphabetical order, folders are displayed alphabetically and expandable. This would be an amazing button to access your bookmarks with minimal clicks and in the structure we carefully set up once.

New member

Read the guide about good idea post! Yeah, i want to make this section better too. Lets discuss about it. I will post some concept soon, have a nice day.

Making moves

In "Customize Toolbar", there is a button for bookmarks which functions exactly how you want. You may want to try it out. ^_^