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Making moves
Status: In development

I recently imported my bookmarks from a previous Firefox install, and the icons were all a grey globe icon. When I clicked on them and used the bookmark link for a while, the icon generally changes to something linked to the webpage (such as an Excel icon, or Sharepoint icon). It would be better if the icons populate themselves without me having to individually click on them all.

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Perhaps automatically calling favicons for bookmarks opens up a possible security risk? Just pondering why this obvious feature -- auto-populating bookmark icons -- isn't already implemented.

One twist: In FF for iOS, bookmark icons are currently auto-populated when you view bookmarks. If there, why not in desktop Firefox?

Making moves

I need this feature too. Due to lack of this feature and I have over 1000 bookmarks, I can't switch to Firefox yet. I'm still using Chrome

Making moves

favicon collector function to have all bookmarks updated with icon

from time to time you do a backup and reload an old hard drive image?

you synch your bookmarks between multiple computers?

then you might notice that bookmarks are imported and shown, but the favicon in the bookmark is missing.

only when you visit that page again, the favicon is loaded and stored.


why not adding a function in the bookmark menu:
reload ALL favicons


load all missing favicons



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Annoying install new version of Firefox and don't have any bookmark with icon. This is a UX issue that should be resolver asap because other browsers give this by default.

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Curious if anyone knows of an extension that updates all bookmarks with icons?

Making moves

Why Bookmark icons not loaded automatically without opening them.

Why firefox Bookmark icons not loaded automatically after importing it from other browsers without opening them. Google products bookmarks not showing particular icons like google maps shows only google icon.

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Реализуйте механизм кеширования "иконок" после переустановки они подгружаются "пустые"

Implement a mechanism for caching "icons" after reinstallation, they are loaded "empty"

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)



This work is underway and you can see it tracked in these Bugzilla tickets:

- favicons import from Chromium browsers

- favicons import from Safari,

- and from Edge.

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totally agree. this is really annoying, especially if you often use icons only [no text] in bookmarks to save space.

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

Good news...

This is being worked on and will be shipped in 114 via rollout - so expect to see it soon!

And as always, feel free to keep the conversation going here and stay tuned for updates 🙌

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Please make this happen please. I will switch to Firefox full time if they make this happen. I got a lot of bookmarks

Making moves

Think it's not a good idea for Firefox to automatically visite pages and update icons/... in the background. However, a context menu function in relation to selected bookmarks, would certainly be a good addition.

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Hi @Jon,

Glad to hear it's in development! This might be a newbie question, but do you have a link to where I might be able to track the development of this feature?

Making moves

please sync favicon with firefox sync