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Making moves
Status: New idea

a bookmark (for now) opens a website

ONE website

why not adding the feature of having ONE bookmark for a new tab or window with several targets?

so you can have all relevant ebay cockpit pages open at once toegther with your favorite news sites

with one bookmark


entering those pages in one bookmark menu and then telling firefox "open all in new window" does not help

you may want to have more or less in those bookmark menus and you may not want to have the same link over and over again in several different areas of your bookmarks

Status changed to: New idea
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Not applicable

Holding shift and clicking on bookmark folder opens all bookmark in this folder in a new window.

Making moves

i would love to have an embedded function so that it could serve as desktop bookmark, too


and your solution ignores the fact that when you want to have different combinations of same website(s) with other website(s), you end up having a bookmark file full of same named bookmarks in different menus


in the past i recognized problems with firefox having such many similar named bookmarkes with same links