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It would be great to have better integration with the Gnome desktop. Email accounts, calendar and contacts added to Gnome should be automatically picked up by Thunderbird.

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If Thunderbird attempts to integration with Gnome, it will not be welcomed because it does not fit Gnome's aesthetics.

Making moves

@AnonymousIt doesn't matter what they think. It matters what I do.

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I would highly appreciate this, as currently calendar and contacts have to be setup in two independent systems, as well as it would make Thunderbird feel less alien 🙂

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I agree with @nebulon. Another way to title this idea is add Gnome Online Accounts integration to Thunderbird.

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Integration of the icon's thunderbird to systray for gnome should be appreciate. (Ubuntu 22.04 for now)

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Yes please, this is one of the few reasons I am reluctant to use thunderbird in comparison to evolution. Please, better integration with gnome would be really awesome. In addition to email accounts, calendar and contacts integration another important feature would be minimized autostart and if possible closing to background running and checking for e-mails while the gui is closed.

Strollin' around

Actually, it's the same with macOS integration : Thunderbird do not take account of the Internet Account that are setup in macOS Settings.

So if that's done, please do it for macOS too 😉

Status changed to: Trending idea
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Community Manager

Hey all,

Quick update…

This idea is now a “Trending idea” here on Mozilla Connect, which means it’s one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey.

Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😃

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Better Gnome integration for Thunderbird should also include support for saving attachments on devices/network shares mounted via gvfs/gio. Currently, saving an attachment to a location mounted via gvfs/gio silently fails.