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Status: Trending idea

It would be great to have better integration with the Gnome desktop. Email accounts, calendar and contacts added to Gnome should be automatically picked up by Thunderbird.

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That's an excellent suggestion!

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The discrepancy of the file dialogs is indeed annoying in my setup as well. And is an excellent suggestion.

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A great idea.

Making moves

This would be fine as long as it's an optional integration.  Making Thunderbird dependent on Gnome and their horrible UI would not be a good idea (Gnome is not the only desktop around).

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I fully support this idea. Remember Thunderbird is still the default email app in Ubuntu (one of the most popular Linux distributions). I would therefore suggest

- Gnome Online Accounts integration (Calendar, Email, Contacts)
- Headless start at startup (integration with gnome's background apps in Quick Settings)
- Integration with evolution-ews (for MS Exchange support under Linux)
- An optional Libadwaita theme for GNOME users

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I want that!

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There is currently integration with GNOME Shell Search, but I think it could be improved:

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Gnome search integration, along with headless start / background apps and an optional libadwaita theme would be extremely welcome!

Making moves

It would also be great if you could have it so that events added via Thunderbird are visible in the calendar drop down in GNOME, as well as having it so that when you click on an event or create an event via the GNOME drop down, it opens it in Thunderbird

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Yes, please!

Currently evaluation Evolution vs Thunderbird for use on GNOME. Thunderbird looks much better at first glance, but needs to be able to speak to GNOME.