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Many of us using bunch of folders in bookmarks toolbar, why cant we just change the icon of the folder, when we click the "Edit folder" button instead of just name..

This feature could be really nice and useful also can be efficient because it's easier to find folders by just looking their icon over reading names.

Thank you for reading and support.

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ive got like 3 bookmarks that dont have an icon in the bookmarks bar so they all use the same default one well i think it would be nice to be able to replace the icon of these with something from my computers pictures so i know which is which

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Bookmark Folder Icon

Either allow the choosing of an icon or inherit the icon of the first bookmark in the folder.

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This would be really great addition to personalization settings. It would help navigating with multiple folders which is what I usually end up with on a work setup.

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For years there was a very strained relationship between Mozilla and the author of Bookmark Favicon Changer, due to there being no official method to allow bookmark icons to be changed and every workaround getting killed off. The author in the end went off in a huff to Chrome and the add-on died. There is a replacement Webextension called Favicon Switcher that was designed to replace *tab* icons—useful if a whole site has no useful icon and you misplace tabs–and while this add-on worked for bookmarks just fine for the two years since I moved from Firefox 56 to modern Firefox (2020–2022) Firefox 106 has now killed its ability to affect bookmarked pages.

It would be really nice if we could change the icon assigned to a bookmark. I have no interest in changing folder icons, but it stands to reason that the same UI, process and storage should apply to both the bookmarks themselves and to the bookmark folders. Under Edit for both, there would be an option to override the icon, and to reset it back again. Essentially the same as for Bookmark Favicon Changer (did this also do folder icons? I forget).

Personally I wonder if this is another candidate for an add-on, as it feels a bit too niche to clutter up the default UI with. What we clearly do need at a minimum is a guaranteed API to allow bookmarks and bookmark folders to have their icon overridden, so that add-on developers can finally be guaranteed a way to control the icons, regardless of whether you want them completely replaced, colour-coded, randomised … (as there are lots of add-ons historically that did interesting things with favicons and bookmark icons).

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I am all for this.

I use Chrome at work, and use Bookmark Favicon Changer. (One of my all time favorite extensions)

I essentially create a faux bookmark and assign it a white favicon then add some "fancy hyphens" (technical term) to the name. This allows me to create headers for longer lists. This is much, much better for me than using folders.


Bookmarks and their organization are such a critical piece of a browser experience that not being able to modify them is getting me pretty close to leaving Firefox.

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Even a simple color change of the folders would be nice.
As the normal links can inherit the website icon files already, I figure it won't be much work to simply integrate an option to add a link to an image for a folder in the bookmarks menu.

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Custom icons for folders in the bookmarks menu

It would be nice to be able to customize the icon of a folder in the bookmarks menu of Firefox, i.e. as you can customize the icon of a folder in Windows operating system.

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